Sentence Examples

  • Its line is followed closely by the modern highroad and railway.
  • A branch from this road ran to Olbia (followed closely by the modern highroad and railway also), and was perhaps the main line of communication, though the itineraries state that the road from Carales to Olbia ran through the centre of the island by Biora, Valentia, Sorabile (near Fonni) and Caput Thyrsi.
  • VIA LABICANA, an ancient highroad of Italy, leading E.S.E.
  • The only highroad of importance which left Rome and ran eastwards, the Via.Valeria, was not completed as far as the Adriatic before the time of Claudius; but on the north and northwest started the main highways which communicated with central and northern Italy, and with all that part of the Roman empire which was accessible by land.
  • The modern highroad follows the ancient line, and remains of the 1 It is important to note how the Romans followed up every victory with a road.