Sentence Examples

  • From Teheran on the high-road thence to Khorasan, at an elevation of 3770 ft.
  • The Kilif ferry is on the direct high-road between Samarkand and Akcha.
  • Its importance was maintained, however, by its trade in agricultural products and in Apulian wool (which was there dyed and cleaned), by its port (probably Cannae) at the mouth of the Aufidus, and by its position on the high-road.
  • A post-station bearing the name Sirmio stood on the high-road between Brixia and Verona, near the southern shore of the lake.
  • It occupies the site of the ancient Fundi, a Volscian town, belonging later to Latium adjectum, on the Via Appia, still represented by the modern high-road which passes through the centre of the town.