Sentence Examples

  • This changes the way colors are represented in HTML - instead of writing "0, 100, 0" for that dark green color, for example, it would actually be written 00, 64, 00 for the hexadecimal values of each shade.
  • Not only does it show the names, it also shows the hexadecimal code, an example of what the color looks like on your screen, as well as links for shads and mixing of the color with other codes.
  • RGB stands for Red-Green-Blue, and there are hexadecimal color charts for putting any shade you like on a site, but that doesn't tell you what colors will look good together on the web.
  • You could use any other color, hexadecimal or RGB value, or some other style such as "dotted" or "dash." You can see examples of each variation on the Border Codes page.
  • In a hexadecimal color chart such as the one on PageTutor or illustrated on Web Source, all of the colors are represented by six digits, two each for the shades of red, green, or blue.