Sentence Examples

  • Sogdiana), and a copious undergrowth of shrubs familiar in European gardens, such as Rhododendron chrysanthum, Sorbus aucuparia (rowan), Berberis heteropoda (berberry), Lonicera Tatarica (honeysuckle) and Crataegus (hawthorn).
  • Orders: Pulmonata, Nudibranchia, Inferobranchia, Tectibranchia, Heteropoda, Pectinibranchia, Tubulibranchia, Scutibranchia, Cyclobranchia.
  • Orders: Heterobranchia, Dermatobranchia, Heteropoda, Ctenobranchia, Pulmonata, and Cyclobranchia.
  • Other species of wandering habits carry the cocoon about with them, sometimes attached to the spinnerets, as in the Lycosidae, sometimes tucked under the thorax, as in the large tropical house-spider, Heteropoda regia, one of the Clubionidae.
  • In the tribe of Pectinibranchia called Heteropoda the foot takes the form of a swimming organ.

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