Sentence Examples

  • There remained Prussia, which, now that the Danish apaign of 1864 was otTer, was completing, her preparais for the final struggle with Austria for the hegemony Germany; and Napoleon, who saw in the furthering of marcks plans the surest means of securing his own influence divided Europe, willingly lent his aid in negotiating a PrussoIn the summer of 1865 Bismarckmade formal posals to La Marmora; but the pourparlers were interrupted by conclusion of the convention of Gastein (August 14), to which stria agreed partly under pressure of the Prusso-Italian enlenle.
  • How far Crete itself continued to preserve the hegemony which may reasonably be ascribed to it at an earlier age must remain doubtful.
  • In these domestic contests the three cities that generally took the lead, and claimed to exercise a kind of hegemony or supremacy over the whole island, were Cnossus, Gortyna and Cydonia.
  • Both Servia and Bulgaria were by this time split up into half a dozen principalities which, as much for religious as for political reasons, preferred paying tribute to the Turks to acknowledging the hegemony of Hungary.
  • Another fortunate accident which favoured the hegemony of Transylvania was the temporary collapse of Hungary's most formidable adversary, the Turk.

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