Sentence Examples

  • To avoid the heartbreak of watching your beloved pet suffer and to keep him as healthy as possible, it's important to start him on heartworm prevention as soon as your veterinarian suggests you should do so.
  • Although Revolution is a bit more costly than Heartgard, it also offers more protection for your dog and keeps you from having to purchase multiple medications to prevent both fleas and ticks and heartworm.
  • Since dog heartworm symptoms can be difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to detect until the dog is seriously infected, your best defense against the risk of heartworms is to take preventative action.
  • The controversy surrounding the use of heartworm and flea protection medication and the use, present or past, of insecticides in the making of those products does not apply when it comes to Revolution.
  • According to the Heartworm Society, while heartworms are typically associated with dogs, they can actually infect more than 30 other species of animals including cats, ferrets, foxes and even humans.