Sentence Examples

  • Oh, sweet friends! hearken to me.
  • There are those this day among them, who, though intelligent and courageous enough in offering battle to the Greenland or Right whale, would perhaps--either from professional inexperience, or incompetency, or timidity, decline a contest with the Sperm Whale; at any rate, there are plenty of whalemen, especially among those whaling nations not sailing under the American flag, who have never hostilely encountered the Sperm Whale, but whose sole knowledge of the leviathan is restricted to the ignoble monster primitively pursued in the North; seated on their hatches, these men will hearken with a childish fireside interest and awe, to the wild, strange tales of Southern whaling.
  • Not reasoning; not remonstrance; not entreaty wilt thou hearken to; all this thou scornest.
  • Erza did not hearken to his appeal.
  • The angels are " mighty in strength " for they " hearken unto the voice of His word " (Ps.

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