Sentence Examples

  • Dan activated one of the buttons on his command headpiece that sent his rally orders out to the soldiers in the building.
  • Like nearly all his predecessors since Aelian, he adopted an alphabetical arrangement, though this was not too pedantically preserved, and did not hinder him from placing together the kinds of birds which he supposed (and generally supposed rightly) to have the most resemblance to that one whose name, being best known, was chosen for the headpiece (as it were) of his particular theme, thus recognizing to some extent the principle of classification.3 Belon, with perhaps less book-learning than his contemporary, was evidently no mean scholar, and undoubtedly had more practical knowledge of birds - their internal as well as external structure.
  • Ah, he was the man to have a headpiece, was Flint!
  • Craft Wearable pieces of art including a headpiece that is molded to the natural curve of the head.
  • If it is possible to find or design a headpiece with some of the gown's prominent features a finished look will result.

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