Sentence Examples

  • New contrasts are formed by the juxtaposition of differently toned metals; or these with an inlay of haliotis shell, introduced by Alfred Gilbert; or of coloured wax, favoured by Onslow Ford; or enamelling, perfected by Professor von Herkomer; or stained ivory, pearls, or semi-precious stones.
  • " Anomia " (1854), " Mytilus " (1856), " Dentalium " (1856-1857), " Purpura " (1859), " Haliotis (1859), " Vermetus " (1860).
  • Limpet, and that of the g ' nerves which pass from the visceral loop of Haliotis to the olfactory patch or osphradium, which lies in immediate relation on the right and on the left side to the right and left gill-plumes (ctenidia) respectively.
  • - Nervous system of Haliotis; the visceral loop is lightly shaded; the buccal ganglia are omitted.
  • It is absent in the most primitive and symmetrical forms, such as Haliotis and Pleurotomaria.

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