Sentence Examples

  • The thin greyish bark is usually removed.
  • It is comparatively fine-grained and of a greyish colour.
  • Its notes are marvellous imitations of " the most mellow, sweet-sounding flute," but the singer itself, according to Mr Simson, is " a very insignificant-looking little, greyish-coloured bird," which " always dies in captivity."
  • The hind feet have six pads on their inferior surfaces, and the colour is dull grizzled brown above and greyish white below.
  • The rest of the head, the neck, throat and lower parts generally are clothed with lanceolate feathers of a pale tawny colour - sometimes so pale as to be nearly white beneath; while the scapulars, back and wing-coverts generally, are of a glossy greyish-black, most of the feathers having a white shaft and a median tawny line.

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