Sentence Examples

  • Titanium's natural color is a medium gray or grayish white hue, but by creating an alloy with various rare earth metals, that color can be deepened to a charcoal or ebony shade.
  • Additional physical symptoms include: weight loss, foul-smelling stools that appear grayish, fatty or oily, osteoporosis, stunted growth in children and general weakness.
  • These sunglasses offer a stylish black onyx frame coupled with a grayish, green lens that is then paired with trendy, reversed "F" logos on both temples.
  • Babies exhibit a characteristic non-itchy greasy red scaly rash or dry whitish or grayish scales on the scalp and possibly on other areas.
  • Menkes' disease, called the "kinky hair disease," results in tangled, grayish, steely, or kinky hair and chubby, rosy cheeks.