Sentence Examples

  • (Florence, 1661); De vi percussionis (Bologna, 1667); Meteorologic Aetnea (Reggio, 1669); and De motionibus naturalibus a gravitate pendentibus (Bologna, 1670).
  • Separatism was non-existent, for the cogent reason that there was no point toward which a new irredenta could gravitate: the Habsburg cause had no adherents, save a few discredited traitors who congregated in Graz and Vienna: and communism, which was quite alien to an agrarian and peasant-owned State, owed its passing success to the aftermath of war and the blunders of the middle class rather than to its own attractions.
  • 59): "Vincere Caecilius gravitate, Terentius arte."
  • It is also conceivable that bodies might gravitate differently at different temperatures.
  • This essay, and his next publication, entitled De Gravitate Aetheris, were deeply tinged with the philosophy of Rene Descartes, but they contain truths not unworthy of the philosophy of Sir Isaac Newton's Principia.

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