Sentence Examples

  • The security of the kingdom was sensibly promoted by the erection of a cordon of fortresses on its north-eastern borders, and a blow was given to foreign interference when Casimir succeeded in gaining dominant influence over the independent Polish principality of Masovia, which had hitherto gravitated between Bohemia and the Teutonic Order.
  • After the disasters of the Seven Years' War, gravitated towards the court again and contributed, by his energy and eloquence, to uphold the tottering Hats for several years.
  • Henceforward the best of Greek art, philosophy, and literature gravitated to Athens, and with their concentration and consequent development came a general and growing demand for teaching.
  • He thus gravitated more towards Cromwell and the army party, but he took no part either in the disputes between the army and the parliament or in the trial of the king.
  • The civil service gravitated into the hands of a clique.

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