Sentence Examples

  • As I see it, the grandchildren of those who would strap bombs on themselves today will not be rushing to imitate their elders.
  • Jefferson was emotional and very affectionate in his home, and his generous and devoted relations with his children and grandchildren are among the finest features of his character.
  • In accordance with the admonitions of Jenghiz to his children and grandchildren, they retained their pastoral mode of life, so that the subject races, agriculturists and dwellers in towns, were not disturbed in their ordinary avocations.
  • The genealogies make them a kindred race with the Centaurs, their king Peirithoiis being the son, and the Centaurs the grandchildren (or sons) of Ixion.
  • 20) that, although he left a son and many grandchildren, Justinian confiscated part of the inheritance.

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