Sentence Examples

  • While SAS outlets can be found all over the country, if you live in or around San Antonio, Texas, you're likely to find the SAS shoes goldmine because that is where the outlet store closest to the SAS factory is located.
  • The sunglass industry has hit a goldmine in discovering that children in this age group desire to look older, and oftentimes their kids frames are very similar to the adult counterparts.
  • But all it takes is finding one prompt that is the proverbial goldmine for your talents to gush forth and thrust you into a whirlwind of awe-inspiring writing.
  • For my medium (blending) eye shadow I only use a color called Goldmine specifically to create the twist on the traditional "smoky eye" look.
  • Fashion handbags store that specialize in "inspired by" designs may also offer a goldmine of Brighton-like wallet findings.

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