Sentence Examples

  • Second photograph: In another picture, Kim is fitted with a pair of goggles while wearing what can be described as a halter top black bikini, except that it sports a heavy black chain (presumably fabric) running down the front of her torso.
  • This site is a good bet, not just because they offer the Oakley Wisdom Ski Goggles in a matte black frame and a high intensity blue lens, but because they go the extra mile in describing the innovative technology that is utilized by Oakley.
  • While using infrared LEDs isn't quite as good as having electronic goggles that amplify faint light in a dark room, using this approach allows you to build your own goggles using only sunglasses and at a very small fraction of the cost.
  • If you need prescription swim goggles (for those who wear glasses but never wear contact lenses), you can have those custom made or purchase a pair with a simple prescription, such as -1.00 or -2.00 (much how reading glasses are sold).
  • Goggles can block sharp instruments or glass, preservation chemicals used in dissections, bodily fluids, dust, splatters, bacterium, or flying objects-all things you are likely to find in one type of science class or lab or another.