Sentence Examples

  • Ubasti was one of many feline goddesses, figured with the head of a lioness.
  • He traces back the hostility of the two states to a dispute about the images of the goddesses Damia and Auxesia, which the Aeginetans had carried off from Epidaurus, their parent state.
  • In the great development of reverence for sacred animals which took place after the New Kingdom, the domestic cat was especially the animal of Bubastis, although it had also to serve for all the other feline goddesses, owing no doubt to the scarcity and intractability of its congeners.
  • ARTEMIS, one of the principal goddesses in Greek mythology, the counterpart of the Roman Diana.
  • (2) connecting him with the vulture and uraeus goddesses, Nekhabi and Buto of the south and north.

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