Sentence Examples

  • Hos numeros Primus invenit clarissimus vir Iohannes Neperus Baro Merchistonij; eos autem ex eiusdem sententia mutavit, eorumque ortum et usum illustravit Henricus Briggius..
  • Cyclopsittacus, Eos, Lorius, &c. Psittacidae, tongue smooth, incl.
  • MEMNON, in Greek mythology, son of Tithonus and Eos (Dawn), king of the Aethiopians.
  • His mother, Eos, removed his body from the field of battle, and it was said that Zeus, moved by her tears, bestowed immortality upon him.
  • Both Susa and Egyptian Thebes, where there was a Memnonion or temple in honour of the hero, were centres of sun-worship. "Eos, the mother of Memnon, is so transparently the morning, that her child must rise again as surely as the sun reappears to run his daily course across the heavens" (G.

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