Sentence Examples

  • Ten thousand gladiators are said to have perished in the arena, and eleven thousand beasts were killed in the contests.
  • Adjoining the theatres is a large rectangular enclosure, surrounded by a portico, at first the colonnade connected with the theatres, and converted, about the time of Nero, into the barracks of the gladiators, who were permanently maintained in the city with a view to the shows in the amphitheatre.
  • Clodius and Milo used bands of gladiators in their city riots, and this action on the part of the latter was approved by Cicero.
  • In Rome he was patron of gladiators, as of athletes in Greece.
  • Remains of gladiators' armour and weapons were found in some of the rooms, and in one, traces of the stocks used to confine insubordinate gladiators.

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