Sentence Examples

  • (histocytes) and germinal cells, actual or potential (archaeocytes), amongst the constituent cells of the animal body.
  • In this way we may distinguish, first, vegetative reproduction, the result of discontinuous growth of the tissues and cell-layers of the body as a whole, leading to (I) fission, (2) autotomy, or (3) vegetative budding; secondly, germinal reproduction, the result of the reproductive activity of the archaeocytes or germinal tissue.
  • In germinal reproduction the proliferating cells may be undif f erentiated, so-called primitive germ-cells, or they may be differentiated as sexual cells, male or female, i.e.
  • If the germ-cells are undifferentiated, the offspring may arise from many cells or from a single cell; the first type is (4) germinal budding, the second is (5) sporogony.
  • Germinal Budding.

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