Sentence Examples

  • Bi ckstr6m after the Norwegian geologists T.
  • Upon them rest the unfossiliferous strata known to Indian geologists as the Transition and Vindhyan series.
  • A few geologists regard the sedimentary rocks here classed as Keweenawan as Palaeozoic; but they have yielded no fossils, and are unconformable beneath the Upper Cambrian, which is the oldest sedimentary formation of the region which bears fossils.
  • This older classification, which has little support except that which is traditional, is still adhered to by many geologists; hut the fact seems to be that the system is set off from the Pennsylvanian (Upper Carboniferous) more sharply than the Cambrian is from the Ordoviciao, the Silurian from the Devonian, or the Devonian from the Mississippian.
  • PRE-Roman Britain Geologists are not yet agreed when and by whom Britain was first peopled.

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