Sentence Examples

  • The pasto duro is largely composed of the genera Stipa and Melica.
  • Here may be noticed three genera of large extinct marsupials from the Pleistocene of Australia whose affinities appear to ally them to the wombat-group on the one hand and to the phalangers on the other.
  • The same deposits have also yielded remains of extinct types of kangaroo, some of gigantic size, constituting the genera Sthenurus, Procoptodon and Palorchestes.
  • Filhol, the fossils themselves represent two genera, Peratherium, containing the greater part of the species, about twenty in number, and Amphiperatherium, with three species only.
  • The Australian seas are inhabited by many fishes of the same genera as exist in the southern parts of Asia and Africa.

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