Sentence Examples

  • Gaussian logarithms are intended to facilitate the finding of the logarithms of the sum and difference of two numbers whose logarithms are known, the numbers themselves being unknown; and on this account they are frequently called addition and subtraction logarithms. The object of the table is in fact to give log (a =b) by only one entry when log a and log b are given.
  • The Gaussian theory, however, is only true so long as the angles made by all rays with the optical axis (the symmetrical axis of the system) are infinitely small, i.e.
  • Consequently the Gaussian theory only supplies a convenient method of approximating to reality; and no constructor would attempt to realize this unattainable ideal.
  • If the angle u l be very small, O', is the Gaussian image; and 0', 0' 2 is termed the " longitudinal aberration," and 0'1R the " lateral aberration " of the pencils with aperture u 2.
  • This ray, named by Abbe a " principal ray " (not to be confused with the " principal rays " of the Gaussian theory), passes through the centre of the entrance pupil before the first refraction, and the centre of the exit pupil after the last refraction.

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