Sentence Examples

  • Gauss did for magnetic quantities, that it is both theoretically and practically possible to define them, not merely by reference to other arbitrary quantities of the same kind, but absolutely in terms in which the units of length, time, and mass are alone involved.
  • In 1801 Gauss published his Disquisitiones arithmeticae, which, although written in an obscure form, gave a new impetus to investigations on this and kindred subjects.
  • To Gauss is due the establishment of the important theorem, that the product of two determinants both of the second and third orders is a determinant.
  • Gauss and W.
  • KARL FRIEDRICH GAUSS (1777-1855), German mathematician, was born of humble parents at Brunswick on the 30th of April 1777, and was indebted for a liberal education to the notice which his talents procured him from the reigning duke.

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