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  • Gault); (5) oxides of iron (staining the clay bright red when ferric oxide, red ochre; yellow when hydrous, e.g.
  • Wanting Danian Upper Chalk Senonian Middle Chalk Turonian Lower Chalk Cenomanian Upper Green-sand Gault Albian Aptian Lower Green-sand Valenginian Urgonian Wealden Neocomian In the continental classification the deposits from the Gault downwards are grouped as Lower Cretaceous; but in Great Britain there is a strong break below the Gault and 'none above; and the Gault is therefore classed as Upper Cretaceous.
  • The plant-bearing deposits next in age, which have yielded Angiosperms, appear to belong to the Cenomanian, though from Westphalia a few species belonging to the Cryptogams and Gymnosperms, found in deposits correlated with the Gault, have been described by Hosius and von der Marck.
  • The Upper Greensand and Gault, represented in Lincolnshire by the Red Chalk, run north-west from Irby, widening out as far as Kelstern on the east, and cross the Humber.
  • Of surface soil, glacial drift and impermeable gault clay and thence passed for a further depth of 70 ft.

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