Sentence Examples

  • The British bishops had grown alarmed at the rapid growth of Pelagianism in Britain and sought the aid of the Gaulish church.
  • Like the Gaulish druids described by Caesar, the poet (fili) and the druid possessed a huge stock of unwritten native lore, probably enshrined in verse which was learnt by rote by their pupils.
  • The name Bodb appears on a Gaulish stone as (Cathu-) bodvae.
  • In ancient Irish literature the functions of the druids correspond fairly closely to those of their Gaulish brethren recorded by Caesar and other writers of antiquity.
  • There is one passage which seems to support the view that they agreed with the Gaulish druids in this respect, but it is not safe to deny the possible influence of Christian teaching in the document in question.

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