Sentence Examples

  • The final castastrophe was the invasion of the Gauls about 270 to 250; and, though the circumstances of this invasion are almost unknown, yet we may safely reckon among them the complete devastation of northern Phrygia.
  • That the Romans had borrowed some things in the art of hunting from the Gauls may be inferred from the name canis gallicus (Spanish galgo) for a greyhound, which is to be met with both in Ovid and Martial; also in the words (canis) vertragus and segusius, both of Celtic origin.'
  • The name of the place is unknown: it was partially inhabited later by the Gauls, but was not occupied by the Romans.
  • When on the third day the Gauls took possession, they found the city occupied only by those aged patricians who had held high office in the state.
  • For a while the Gauls withheld their hands out of awe and reverence, but the ruder passions soon prevailed.

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