Sentence Examples

  • Some appear to be glucosides of gallic acid, since they yield this acid and a sugar on hydrolysis, e.g.
  • Pp. 268 et seq.); and conversely on boiling with dilute acids or alkalis it takes up a molecule of water and yields two molecules of gallic acid, C 7 H 6 0 5.
  • The tannin of oak, C/9H16010, which is found, mixed with gallic acid, ellagic acid and quercite, in oak bark, is a red powder; its aqueous solution is coloured dark blue by ferric chloride, and boiling with dilute sulphuric acid gives oak red or phlobaphene.
  • From tannic acid is also made gallic acid, which resembles tannic acid but has no astringent taste.
  • Tannic acid is absorbed as gallic acid into the blood and eliminated as gallic and pyrogallic acids, darkening the urine.

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