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  • In the first period (Italic) cremation burials closely approximating to the Villanova type are found; in the second 1 (Venetian) the tombs are constructed of blocks of stone, and situlae (bronze buckets), sometimes decorated with elaborate designs, are frequently used to contain the cinerary urns; in the third (Gallic), which begins during the 4th centilry B.C., though cremation continues, the tombs are much poorer, the ossuaries being of badly baked rough clay, and show traces of Gallic influence, and characteristics of the La-Tene civilization.
  • The former established himself in 64 at Panticapaeum, and was planning new campaigns against the Romans when his own troops revolted, and, after vainly trying to poison himself, he ordered a Gallic mercenary to kill him.
  • I was just beginning to read Caesar's "Gallic War" when I went to my home in Alabama.
  • That year I finished arithmetic, reviewed my Latin grammar, and read three chapters of Caesar's "Gallic War."
  • Market 's Gallic charms Channel isle airport plans fail to...

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