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  • Stock proverbial sayings such as "Out of Galilee cometh no prophet" (though Deborah, Jonah, Elisha, and probably Hosea, were Galileans) were apparently common.
  • 73) distinguished the Galileans; it appears that they confused the gutturals in pronunciation.
  • 3.2: "The Galileans are inured to war from their infancy, and have been always very numerous; nor hath the country been ever destitute of men of courage or wanted a numerous set of them; for their soil is universally rich and fruitful, and full of plantations of trees of all sorts, insomuch that it invites the most slothful to take pains in its cultivation....
  • St John's Gospel meets our questionings by a wholly new series of incidents and by an account of a ministry which is concerned mainl y not with Galileans but with Judaeans, and which centres in Jerusalem.
  • If we ask what is the special contribution to history, apart from theology, which St John's Gosepl makes, the answer would seem to be this - that beside the Galilean ministry reported by St Mark there was a ministry to " Jews " (Judaeans) in Jerusalem, not continuous, but occasional, taken up from time to time as the great feasts came round; that its teaching was widely different from that which was given to Galileans, and that the situation created was wholly unlike that which arose out of the Galilean ministry.

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