Sentence Examples

  • However, congregate towards the galactic plane.
  • (solar) stars show no tendency to congregate in the galactic plane.
  • Excluding the latter, the 70 Wolf-Rayet stars have a mean distance from the central galactic circle of only 2.6°.
  • Seeliger, who investigated this ratio for the stars of the Bonn Durchmusterung and Southern Durchmusterung, came to the conclusion (as summarized by Simon Newcomb) that for these stars the ratio ranges from 3.85 to 3.28, the former value being found for regions near the Milky Way and the latter for regions near the galactic poles.
  • On these the belt of greatest density can be easily traced, and it follows very closely the course of the Milky Way; but, whereas the latter is a belt having rather sharply defined boundaries, the star-density decreases gradually and continuously from the galactic equator to the galactic poles.

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