Sentence Examples

  • Frogs proper are typified by the common British species, Rana temporaria, and its allies, such as the edible frog, R.
  • The arboreal species were thus associated with the true tree-frogs, regardless of their internal structure.
  • The withers may be moderately high and thin; the chest well developed, but not too wide or deep; the shoulder should lie well on the chest, and be oblique and well covered with muscle, so as to reduce concussion in galloping; the upper and lower arms should be long and muscular; the knees broad and strong; legs short, flat and broad; fetlock joints large; pasterns strong and of moderate length; the feet should be moderately large, with the heels open and frogs sound - with no signs of contraction.
  • The chief foes of Indra are Vrittra and Ahi, serpents which swallow up the waters, precisely as frogs do in Australian and Californian and Andaman myths.
  • Edible frogs, tree-frogs, lizards, snakes, tortoises and scorpions are found in all parts.

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