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  • The more important of those in use to-day are carbolic acid, the perchloride and biniodide of mercury, iodoform, formalin, salicylic acid, &c. Carbolic acid is germicidal in strong solution, inhibitory in weaker ones.
  • When exposed to air the latex gradually undergoes putrefactive changes accompanied by coagulation of the caoutchouc. The addition of a small quantity of ammonia or of formalin to some latices usually has the effect of preserving them for a considerable time.
  • CH3�CHO+CH3MgI->CH3�CH?Mg H2 /C1.3 The lower members of the aliphatic series are characterized by their power of polymerization (see Formalin, and the account of Acetaldehyde below), and also by the so-called "aldol" condensation, acetaldehyde in this way forming aldol, CH 3 �[[Choh�Ch 2 �Cho]].
  • It is also advisable to wash all woodwork and gangways annually with a weak solution of formalin, or other inodorous germicide.
  • Similar spots are produced on potatoes in America by the fungus Oospora scabies, and in both cases, if affected "seed" potatoes are steeped in a solution of 2 pint formalin in 15 gallons of water for two hours before planting, the attack on the resulting crop is materially lessened.

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