Sentence Examples

  • If you have a disorder, such as celiac disease, which prevents you from eating many grain-based foods, then you may need to make an effort to eat other foods high in folate in order to avoid deficiency.
  • Baro, L., et al. "The administration of a multivitamin/mineral fortified dairy product improves folate status and reduces plasma homocysteine concentration in women of reproductive age."
  • You most frequently hear about the B-complex vitamin in relation to pregnancy, but folate is an essential nutrient best obtained by eating foods rich in folic acid.
  • Folate also supports circulation, and obtaining adequate levels of this vitamin may prevent homocysteine build-up, which has been linked to cardiovascular disease.
  • A one-cup serving of the fruit also contains about 180 milligrams of potassium as well as small amounts of folate, vitamin A, vitamin B6, magnesium, and copper.

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