Sentence Examples

  • (2) A flea can retain the plague bacilli alive for seven or eight days.
  • The gad-fly (abu), the housefly (hai), the mosquito (ka), the flea (nonzi) and occasionally the bedbug (called by the Japanese kara-mushi because it is believed to be imported from China), are all fully represented, and the dragon-fly (tombO) presents itself in immense numbers at certain seasons.
  • He even noted the fact that the pupa of the flea is sometimes attacked and fed upon by a mite - an observation which suggested the well.
  • What in California are known as " flea seeds " are oak-galls made by a species of Cynips; in August they become detached from the leaves that bear them, and are caused to jump by the spasmodic movements of the grub within the thin-walled gall-cavity."
  • Healthy rats contracted plague from infected rats when the only apparent means of communication between the two was the rat flea (pulex cheopis).

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