Sentence Examples

  • The skins from northern regions are more full and of a finer colour and gloss than those from more temperate climates, as are those of animals killed in winter compared to the same individuals in summer.
  • 30 of the finer feelings of moral evidence, which must, however, determine the action and opinions of our lives."
  • But many hold that his letters and essays are finer contributions to pure literature, and that on these exquisite mixtures of wisdom, pathos, melody and humour his fame is likely to be ultimately based.
  • On heating it assumes a finer colour, but then turns violet and finally black; regaining, however, its original colour on cooling.
  • 19) the rate of solution in potassium cyanide depends upon the subdivision of the gold - the finer the subdivision the quicker the solution, - and on the concentration of the solution - the rate increasing until the solution contains 0.25% of cyanide, and remaining fairly stationary with increasing concentration.

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