Sentence Examples

  • The divisions of the earth into faunal regions by Dr P. L.
  • Where two of the faunal realms meet there is usually, though not always, a mixing of faunas.
  • The initial differences so produced are confirmed and perpetuated by the same barriers which divide the faunal or floral regions, the sea, mountains, deserts and the like, and much of the course of past history and present politics becomes clear when the combined results of differing race and differing environment are taken into account.'
  • [An admirable " List of Faunal Publications relating to North American Ornithology " up to 1878 has been given by Elliott Coues as an appendix to his Birds of the Colorado Valley (pp. 567-784).
  • And perhaps at the head of the " Faunal " works of all countries.

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