Sentence Examples

  • Buckland's conjecture that they were of faecal origin, and similar to the album grecum or excrement of hyaenas, was confirmed by Dr W.
  • Sir Charles Cameron attributes the prevalence of typhoid in certain areas in Dublin to the soil becoming saturated with faecal matter and specifically infected.
  • Oliveri, Gazz., 1886, 16, p. 493) It crystallizes in colourless needles which melt at 50° C. It possesses a disagreeable faecal odour, sublimes readily, and turns brown on exposure to air.
  • - a, Stephanoceros eichornii in gelatinous tube; b, Acyclus inquietus in gelatinous tube, with eggs; c, Floscularia coronetta in gelatinous tube, with eggs; d, A psilus bucinedax, showing lateral (distal) antennae funnel of mouth hanging into enormous crop, stomach at apical end with gastric glands, anus on postero-ventral surface, large coiled kidneys at proximal end, uniting into median duct; e, Melicerta ringens in tube; f, same, proximal end enlarged, showing a pellet in the cup proximal to the paired lateral antennae; g, Melicerta janus, tube formed of faecal pellets.
  • The cloaca is often very large; the nephridia and oviducts may open into it, and the eggs lodge there on their way outwards; they are thrown out, as are the faecal masses, by an eversion of the cloaca.

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