Sentence Examples

  • By the end of a camping season, these tanks are filled with a great deal of bacteria and fecal matter that can freeze and remain all the way until the spring, and could foster bacterial growth and a terrible smelling holding tank.
  • The NIH reports there is some evidence that straining to pass a bowel movement can contribute to the formation of diverticula, and that fecal matter sitting in the colon instead of passing through may contribute to inflammation.
  • Meconium ileus is a disorder that occurs in newborns in which the meconium, the neonate's first fecal excretion after birth, is abnormally thick and stringy, rather than the collection of mucus and bile that is normally passed.
  • Although a raw food diet is low residue and will produce a lower fecal volume than a cooked commercial diet that is high in carbohydrate fillers, some cats will become legitimately constipated on a raw regimen.
  • A common form of irritant contact dermatitis in infants is diaper rash, which develops when the protective epidermal layer of the baby's skin is damaged by long periods of contact with fecal matter and urine.