Sentence Examples

  • Typically, a timer is used and the exerciser performs strength training exercises for a specific body part for 30 seconds followed by aerobics exercise for 2 minutes - until all body parts have been worked.
  • Whether you enjoy working out at the gym, joining a class, or exercising on the weekend with friends, there are plenty of aerobic exercises no matter which type of exerciser you are.
  • Working on the same principle of counterbalance, the Horseback Exercise Machine Core Exerciser Giddyup features two motors which closely simulate the actions of riding a horse.
  • Sit-ups: Instead of doing traditional sit-ups, the exerciser either grasps a medicine ball while doing the sit-ups or throws the ball to a partner with alternating sit-ups.
  • Most Nordic Track elliptical machines are equipped with handles that allow the exerciser to work out the lower body, upper body or both areas at the same time together.