Sentence Examples

  • Those who favour a Church Establishment hold that Church and state should each be supreme in its own sphere, and that on these terms a union between them is not only lawful but is the highest exemplification of Christian statesmanship. So long as these two spheres are at all points clearly distinct, and so long as there is a desire on the part of each to recognize the supremacy of the other, there is little danger of friction or collision.
  • Where a grant of a badge or supporters, or the exemplification of a standard is also made a further fee is payable.
  • The guidance highlights five key dimensions of a SACRE 's work and provides exemplification of good practice.
  • Exemplification of quarterly arms for Christian and Leupold after a Royal License dated 17/12/2003.
  • Exemplification of pupils ' work at key stages 1-4, to illustrate the end-of-key-stage statement.

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