Sentence Examples

  • The Lido, another island in the lagoon, is Italy's most fashionable bathing resort, and some of its most famous hotels are found along the Lido Promenade (such as the Grand Hotel des Bains and the Grand Hotel Excelsior).
  • The Asscher Diamond Company cut many historic diamonds, such as the Cullinan diamond, a 3,106 carat diamond that is now one of the British Crown Jewels and the 995 carat Excelsior diamond.
  • The ash (Fraxinus excelsior) and the oak make their appearance, the latter (Quercus pedunculata) reaching in isolated groups and single trees as far N.
  • Brown Globe, including Magnum Bonum; White Globe; Yellow Danvers; White Spanish, in its several forms; Trebons, the finest variety for autumn sowing, attaining a large size early, ripening well, and keeping good till after Christmas; Ailsa Craig; Ronsham Park Hero; James's Keeping; Cranston's Excelsior; Blood Red, strong-flavoured.
  • Excelsior, the largest geyser, with a crater about 300 ft.