Sentence Examples

  • The Son of God is " eternally " begotten in a continuous process.
  • Seeing that the individual soul must thus be taken to stand in respect to its inmost essence in complete harmony with the whole, it must eternally be at one with itself: all change must be appearance.
  • 3 The disciple, whatsoever he does - whether going forth or coming back, standing or walking, speaking or silent, eating or drinking - is to keep clearly in mind all that it means, the temporary character of the act, its ethical significance, and above all that behind the act there is no actor (goer, seer, eater, speaker) that is an eternally persistent unity.
  • Concrete reality or personality is given to this divine Ternar, as Baader calls it, through nature, the principle of self-hood, of individual being, which is eternally and necessarily produced by God.
  • Out of this Nothing or incomprehensible essence the world of ideas or primordial causes is eternally created.

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