Sentence Examples

  • A commendatory letter from Erasmus gained him the good offices of Sir Thomas More.
  • Erasmus and Calvin were among his correspondents.
  • Erasmus Darwin (Zoonomia, 17 94), though a zealous evolutionist, can hardly be said to have made any real advance on his predecessors; and, notwithstanding the fact that Goethe had the advantage of a wide knowledge of morphological facts, and a true insight into their signification, while he threw all the power of a great poet into the expression of his conceptions, it may be questioned whether he supplied the doctrine of evolution with a firmer scientific basis than it already possessed.
  • One gay soldier, Jean Erasmus, was chemically castrated by Dr. Levin at Bloemfontein psychiatric hospital in 1980.
  • Forthcoming: Fully annotated edition of Erasmus Darwin 's The Temple of Nature, in preparation with Romantic Circles website.

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