Sentence Examples

  • In this enviable retreat, it is no wonder that a year should have been suffered to roll round before he vigorously resumed his great work - and with many men it would never have been resumed in such a paradise.
  • Urban slaves had probably often a life as little enviable, especially those who worked at trades for speculators.
  • As late as 1516 he declared that the life of a monk was never a more enviable one than at that day.
  • It was thus an effective compromise between the solar year and the lunar month, and contrasts very favorably with the intricate and clumsy years of other ancient systems. The leap-year of the Julian and Gregorian calendars confers the immense benefit of a fixed correspondence to the seasons which the Egyptian year did not possess, but the uniform length of the Egyptian months is enviable even now.
  • His financial work brought him a less enviable notoriety, though a curious freak of history has deprived him of the credit which is his due for "Morton's fork."

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