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  • She reinforced her story with A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin, in which she accumulated a large number of documents and testimonies against the great evil; and in 1853 she made a journey to Europe, devoting herself especially to creating an entente cordiale between Englishwomen and Americans on the question of the day.
  • This new entente with Great Britain, cemented by a visit paid by King Edward VII.
  • He would have liked to organize a big move against the Bolsheviks from the west, but such a move could not be made while the Entente Powers were resolved to keep Germany out, and while they sympathized with all the new organizations hostile to RussiaEsthonia, Latvia and Poland.
  • The new Franco-Russian entente helped on the formation of the Armed Neutrality League and led to the concoction of schemes for the driving of the British from India.
  • The Austro-Russian entente came to an end in the beginning of 1908 owing to the Austrian project of connecting the Bosnian The "Reval The Austrian and Russian governments then drew up a further series of reforms known as the " Miirzsteg programme " (Oct.

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