Sentence Examples

  • Lambros, 'H OvoaaroXoyta 'ATTnK'?S cal ij ELS T1]v xthpav E7roteno(s 'AX/3avwv in the 'EirsrnAis Tot Hapvaa iot (Athens, 1896); Theodore Ippen, "Beitrage zur inneren Geschichte der Turkei im 19.
  • His fiction includes Mr Blake's Walking Stick (1869), for children; The Hoosier Schoolmaster (1871); The End of the World (1872); The Mystery of Metropolisville (1873); The Circuit Rider (1874); Rosy (1878); The Hoosier Schoolboy (1883); The Book of Queer Stories (1884), for children; The Graysons (1888), an excellent novel; The Faith Doctor (1891); and Duf f els (1893), short stories.
  • C. Manitius, Leipzig, 190 9); H€pi v4aipas (De sphaera); Hap6.4paats EisTi 7 v IIToXEµalov TETpit 3L(3Xov, a paraphrase of the difficult passages in Ptolemy's astrological work Tetrabiblus; Els TO 7rpWTOV Ei cXelbov UTot X ELWv, a commentary on the first book of Euclid's Elements; a short treatise on the effect of eclipses (De effectibus eclipsium, only in a Latin translation).
  • Then rahd); at the end of every word it behaves like ts, that is to say, changes.into u (preu, p, r e t i u m); instead of ts the second person plural of the verba t(i)s, e t(i)s, it(i)snow has au, eu, ia after having had ats, els its..
  • The older traits show themselves partly in the manifestation of various Els, and partly in the cruder anthropomorphism of the earlier sources.

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