Sentence Examples

  • The hypocotyl usually elongates, by its cells increasing very greatly in the longitudinal direction both in number and size, so that the cotyledons are raised into the air as the first foliage-leaves.
  • 9, 2) the style elongates and the forked stigma occupies the same position as the anther in fig.
  • In Teredo a similar tube is formed as the animal elongates (boring in wood), the original shell-valves not adhering to it but remaining movable and provided with a special muscular apparatus in place of a ligament.
  • As growth proceeds, one hemisphere remains relatively small, the other elongates and enlarges.
  • The spore sown at I I A.M., as shown at a, had swollen (b) perceptibly by noon, and had germinated by 3.30 P.M., as shown at c: in d at 6 P.M., and e at 8.30 P.M.; the resulting filament is segmenting into bacilli as it elongates, and at midnight (f) consisted of twelve such segments.

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