Sentence Examples

  • The Stele In But, unlike the ferns, there is in the seed-plants no in- s d I ~ ternal phloem (except as a special development in ee pan $~$~ certain families) and no internal endodermis.
  • During a small electric transfer through the cell, the external work done is Ee, where E is the electromotive force.
  • Hence we get the equation Ee = Le +Te (dE/dT) or E = L+T(dE/dT), as a particular case of the general thermodynamic equation of available energy.
  • The result of the investigation shows that the electrical work Ee is given by the_equation Ee =1 where v is the volume of the solution used and p its osmotic pressure.
  • = b11EE1 + b12 EE t 2 + b133 + ���, X2 = b21E1 + b 22E2 + b 23E3 + ���, X1 = b11E1+b21}5.2+b3,5tt3 +��� X2 = b12E1+b2'_S2+ b 3253 +��� where b rr = I and b rs = - b sr for all values of r and s.

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