Sentence Examples

  • " similaa similibus curantur,"which he explained as depending on the law that in order to get rid of a disease some remedy must be given which should substitute for the disease an action dynamically similar, but weaker.
  • Interpreted dynamically the normal pressure of the surrounding fluid on a tube cannot create any circulation in the tube.
  • Beginning with a single body in liquid extending to infinity, and denoting by U, V, W, P, Q, R the components of linear and angular velocity with respect to axes fixed in the body, the velocity function takes the form = Ucb1+V42+W43+ P xi+Qx2+Rx3, (I) where the 0's and x's are functions of x, y, z depending on the shape of the body; interpreted dynamically, C -p0 represents the impulsive pressure required to stop the motion, or C +p4) to start it again from rest.
  • An elongated shot is made to preserve its axial flight through the air by giving it the spin sufficient for stability, without which it would turn broadside to its advance; a top in the same way is made to stand upright on the point in the position of equilibrium, unstable statically but dynamically stable if the spin is sufficient; and the investigation proceeds in the same way for the two problems (see Gyroscope).
  • Existent subjects, containing eternally all their successive predicates in the time-series, are substances, which when the problems connected with their activity, or dynamically speaking their force, have been resolved, demand - and supply - the metaphysic of the Monadology.

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