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  • On another physical assumption of constant cubical elasticity A, dp = Ad p /P, (p - po)IA= lo g (P/Po), (18) dp _ A dp (I 1 zd p dz - P ' A Po-p -z, I - p -k, A kPo ' (19) (3) P dx Pdy Pdz -., (I) When the density p is f un dp/ iform, this becomes, as before in (2) § 9 P pp ==Pzz++pao constant.
  • The integral equation of continuity (I) may now be written l f fdxdydz+ff (lpu+mpv+npdso, (4) which becomes by Green's transformation (dt +d dz dy dx (p u) + d (p v) + d (p w) l I dxdydz - o, dp leading to the differential equation of continuity when the integration is removed.
  • FlpdS= _ dx dxdydz, (4) by Green's transformation.
  • The time rate of increase of momentum of the fluid inside S is )dxdydz; (5) and (5) is the sum of (I), (2), (3), (4), so that /if (dpu+dpu2+dpuv +dpuw_ +d p j d xdyd z = o, (b)` dt dx dy dz dx / leading to the differential equation of motion dpu dpu 2 dpuv dpuv _ X_ (7) dt + dx + dy + dz with two similar equations.
  • These equations may be simplified slightly, using the equation of continuity (5) § for dpu dpu 2 dpuv dpuw dt dx + dy + dz =p Cat +uax+vay+waz?

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