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  • If there be n similar particles per unit volume, the energy emitted from a stratum of thickness dx and of unit area is found from (9) by the introduction of the factor ndx.
  • Accordingly, if E be the energy of the primary wave, dE 87-2n (D' - D) 2 T2 E dx 3 D2%4 ' whence E = Eoe-hx (II) where h = 8?r 2 n (D' - D)2T2 3 D2 x 4, (12) If we had a sufficiently complete expression for the scattered light, we might investigate (12) somewhat more directly by considering the resultant of the primary vibration and of the secondary vibrations which travel in the same direction.
  • Consider the particles which occupy a thin stratum dx perpendicular to the primary ray x.
  • Moreover, if OP = r, and AO=x, then r 2 =x 2 + p2, and pdp=rdr. The resultant at 0 of all the secondary vibrations which issue from the stratum dx is by (3), with sin ¢ equal to unity, ndx f ?
  • It appears, therefore, that to the order of approximation afforded by (3), the effect of the particles in dx is to modify the phase, but not the intensity, of the light which passes them.

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